Closed July 1-5 to move to new location. Opening new store July 6th!


What a wild ride 2024 has been so far! In April we celebrated 1 year of having a brick and mortar location (INSANE!!). We are so grateful for everyone showing up on our opening day and continuing to support our little shop all year long. It's because of you, our awesome customers, that we are able to not only continue doing something we love and are super passionate about, but to be able relocate down the street to a shop that will be bigger and easier to access for everyone. 

We are so appreciative to have been offered the little 500ft² store we currently occupy, but it became apparent pretty quickly that we are outgrowing our space. If you've ever tried to checkout on a Saturday when 3 people have brought in stuff for us to buy, I AM SO SORRY! It gets crowded real fast. Also shoutout to everyone who has waited in line to use the fitting room. You guys are awesome and we're gonna work to make this new space better for everyone.

I'm not a religious person, but it felt like destiny that as we were dreaming about the future and talking about our ideal store location, Elijah from By.E stopped by our shop one day to let us know he was moving his store to Tulsa. We are stoked for By.E, Tulsa is gonna love ya! Elijah, you will be missed in the Plaza that is a fact. Wishing you all the success in your new location!  

The best is yet to come! Thanks for the support and kind words, it's really hard to express how much it means when people compliment our shop. I'm sorry if we ever seem aloof or awkward, that's what you get when 2 introverts decide to open a retail store :) Just know that we appreciate y'all big time!

The new space is located on NW16th St between Grinmore and The Treatment Room

New Address: 1708 NW 16th St, Oklahoma City, OK 73106

CLOSED: July 1-5

RE-OPENING: Saturday July 6th